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My Little Storms...

The Black Manalishi
21 April 1989
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Let me sit down, you know drinking alone's a shame, it's a shame, it's a crying shame! Look at those joker's glued to that damn hockey game! Hey honey, you've got lots of cash, bring us round a bottle and we'll have some laughs, gin's what I'm thinking, I was raised on robbery!

Hey there people, the name's Stuart! I'm not very good at writing sensibly in these boxes, so I'll try my best to write down the basic stats and then I can be as silly as I like! I'm 18, I live just outside Glasgow in Scotland, I WAS at uni doing accountancy but I realised that's not my call in life! So currently I'm letting the wind carry me, I'm planning on doing my personal trainers course this year and next, and then perhaps going to Edinburgh or Strathclyde to study PE Teaching...but who knows what'll happen down the line! I'm a nice guy so if yu have anything to say/ask, then feel free to message me...a reply is guaranteed!

Now onto the silliness!...